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Make Money EASILY Playing Games

Make Money Playing Games

It has always been the dream of many to make money playing games. Not only are you having fun, but you are also making a living. However, many people do not know how to start.

Well, do not worry because I will show you a fantastic mobile app which pays you to review different games! More specifically, the developers of these games are the ones paying you. This app is called AppCoiner.


AppCoiner is a mobile app which pays people to write reviews for their apps. The requirements to use this app is a smartphone or you can use an emulator on your PC. 

The best part is that you do not need any skills and everyone can use this. Whether it be students, parents, freelancers and many more.

Just make sure you have good English skills and you can easily cash in some money.

Want to join?

So you wan't to join AppCoiner to make money playing games? Fantastic! Here are the steps.

Step 1

The first requirement to join AppCoiner is to pay $27. Hold on a second now, do not close the page. Although you are paying $27, you can easily make more later on after reviewing a couple games. It's a great investment!

Also, the money is needed from users to cover the cost of the website, salaries to staff, hosting, and many more. Honestly, if I could I would give them even more money because they deserve it.

Step 2

AppCoiner grasps various apps which is great because you get to try a variety of games. Once you select an app, you will receive a link, similar to an affiliate link.

When you create your review for an app, remember to add the affiliate link too. If users read your review and click onto your link, you will get paid every time they purchase an in-game item.

Step 3

  • Make sure you write your reviews honestly and check to see if there are any grammar issues
  • Keep your reviews professional looking and do not make it sound vague
  • Do not over exaggerate (It will sound fake, thus people will not click on your link)
  • Remember, you get paid not to write reviews, but if users purchase in-game items through your link
  • There is also a 60-days money back guarantee (2 whole months to gain your money back)

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