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5 Simple Ways to Make Fast Money

In this fast-moving world, almost every single person is connected to others via the internet. Businesses flourish using the internet, and connectivity helps people be at no distance at all. Where the internet is helping out in so many matters, it's no wonder that making money online while staying cozily tucked at home is nothing new.

Whether you are an old grandpa who cannot devote his time to the office or a mother who doesn't want to depend on her maid when it comes to taking care of her kids, you can earn money online. No matter what your reason for preferring home-based online money-making activities, there are several ways you can make cash by depending on your skills and expertise in the field.

Below are five ways to earn money online.

Freelance writing

For all the writers out there, freelancing is a very easy way to make money. All you have to do is be good at it, from academic writing to content writing, whatever style you are accustomed to. It can help you make cash without having to step a foot out.

On the internet, there are mountains of written work always required and people are continuously on the lookout for competitive writers. Your pay rate depends on what type of assignment you take up and on your talent and finesse with words. Consistency and experience always add up to the profit.

All you need is a fine internet connection that doesn't go berserk from time to time, a device which has Microsoft Word installed (be it a computer, laptop, tablet or even a phone, whatever you find convenient) and a way with words. Often, a sample of your work is required so that your employer can decide if you are really the writer he's looking for.

You can start by working online for websites like iWriter, oDesk, Listverse, and many more. Remember, time and commitment are the utmost requirements which can take you a long way.

Teach Online

Knowledge is power and can even help you earn! If you are excellent at a particular subject be it mathematics, science, or any language, hoarding all that education you spent so much time acquiring will do you no good and bring you no money. You can earn while staying indoors by spreading all that knowledge.

Learning via the internet is the new way. You will find many interested students easily. Start by keeping the fees low and offering packages. Your teaching methods should be unique and engaging so that more people will want to join your classes.

Don't forget to advertise and market. The more people know about you, the more they will recommend you. Dedication is a must. Keep in mind your own schedule and the schedule of your attendees.

Sell Your Talent

If you are an artist or photographer who has a treasure box filled with original stuff or aesthetic pictures, you already have a store through which you can earn. You can sell your art and crafts, even your photography, online. The more liked your creations are, the more you can earn.

However, you need to be very persistent. Do not expect to sell your first piece and become a hit who can sell their work for large numbers immediately. That rarely happens. Set moderate prices and make art that stands out. Social media can be a great way to promote your work.

Get yourself a bank account for getting payments and get to work. A good camera is another must so that you can take high-quality pictures of your art. You can use eBay and Etsy for selling your work or you can simply sell via Facebook.


A fun way to earn money online while staying in the comfort of your house is blogging. This is not an easy way, but for those who have both the passion and the patience for it, it works. Blog about your ideas and opinions, your products, or your hilarious videos and shove those green notes in your wallets.

First off, you need traffic on your blog. Without a participating audience, you cannot make any money. You'll have to start by investing time, a lot of it, without being able to earn even a single penny. It takes years of hard work to get the right people engaged. You need to establish a name for yourself before the money starts rolling in.

Here, social media is the main tool. You probably would have heard about YouTubers such as Ryan Higa who has a knack for making humorous yet relatable videos. He makes cash like that. Similarly, your blog can be a written one, where people can subscribe and pay you on a weekly or monthly basis for reading your work, or you can earn by advertising on your blog.

Give Your Opinion

That's right, you can earn by simply giving your opinion by doing paid surveys. There are so many people out there who do not have any special talent to use to their benefit or any stuff to sell. There are even more people who give their opinion even when it is not required, so why not get paid for giving your opinions?

This is the easiest way to make money online. However, you have to keep in mind that you shouldn't invest at all in such a thing because a legitimate company won't require anything other than your views. Your feedback, even if it is negative, is appreciated. Minimum effort and only 15 minutes of your time are required, and the benefit is all yours.

Swagbucks, GlobalTestMarket, and MySurvey are examples of legit companies that highly value your thoughts. All you have to do is register for a free account and fill a form by answering a few questions. Sometimes, you even receive a free product so that you can try it out before giving your opinion.

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